Street BasketBall - iPhone Game

Street BasketBall

Looking for a dynamic basket ball game? Spot on! Street Basketball is one of the most dynamic ball game app that you can play both on the iPhone and iPad! A single and multi-player game, you can choose to exhibit your basketball skills either with the system itself or with your pal on the iPad. With colorful images to keep your attention intact, the game also has a timer to keep you running on your toes and score a goal! What’s best is that this is a offline game which means you can have fun anytime, anywhere without having to worry about network connectivity.

Take a look at some awesome features of the game:

•Bug free gaming app that is smooth, fast and efficient.

•Scoreboard and score records that helps you keep track of your progress.

•Time based game that gives you an accurate time frame to make your goal.

•Colorful dynamics with multi-player icons for special effects.

•Just $0.99 and you get all the fun!

So folks! What you waiting for? Download this exciting game on your iPad, call your buddy over and start having some basketball fun! Enjoy the game and do drop us your feedback and review. We value our customers and would love to entertain suggestions and ideas to make our game better and more interactive!

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jhon smith said...

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Its very tough to beat your friends in this virtual world.
The author had describe the game features very beautifully.

Ryan Lawrence said...

Good one for basketball lovers.

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david said...

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