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Looking for authentic gun information? You will get it right here on our GUNS N' AMMOS app.

• Authentic information about revolvers, pistols, rifles, shotguns and many more.
• Information includes manufacture details, ballistics, designs and dimensions.
• Image based information for your better understanding.
• Images and information can be shared,
• You can also upload your own information and add a list of your favorite.

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Blogger Central

Blogger Central

It's finally here! Developed by the leading Mom Social Media Agency…Mom Central! We are proud to introduce the Blogger Central app! The ONLY app that supports the WHOLE blogger market (regardless of which agency partner you work with!). We understand just how difficult it is to manage the multiple programs and campaigns you have going on on any given day, with many agencies and brands and all the deliverables you are responsible for. So look no further – Blogger Central helps you manage:
  1. Your clients
  2. Campaigns/Programs
  3. Brands
  4. Products/Reviews
  5. Agencies that you're working with
  6. Giveaways you've entered
  7. Giveaways that you are managing on your blog
  8. Sold Ads that you want to track – start dates/end dates
  9. Deliverables and dates due (ie. tweets, blog posts, Facebook posts, etc.)
  10. Incentives/Compensation agreed upon, received and date you've used them
All dates are reported back into your iPhone calendar for easy management and use!

If you are a member of the Mom Central community you can adjust your Profile page directly from the app – manage your stats, (i.e.. Alexa, Unique visitors), address changes, birthday, new births, etc ;-)

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This  iPhone Application Is Developed By Social Cubix
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