Plaster Wall Repairing Guide

where you will learn about plaster walls, how to repair them, how to fix the ceilings, how to fix the cracks and holes in it, what tools you would need and much more. With this guide you’ll surely master the art of plastering and plaster wall repairing within no time.

Plaster walls look great -- until the moment they start developing cracks. What can you do about cracked plaster? Repairing plaster walls is not a difficult task. All you need are right tools, materials and instructions and the holes in your plaster wall will disappear in no time.

Plaster Wall Repairing Guide” will provide detailed instruction on how to fix damaged plaster walls, and will help you gather the right tools and buy the right compound you need to get the job done.

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Drywall Repairing Guide

Where you will learn all about drywall, how it is made, how to repair it, how to mud it, how to paint it, what tools you will need and more. You will find out here that it is not a mysterious or difficult process. Most any do-it-yourselfer will find it within his or her means and abilities. It does, nevertheless, take a degree of precision and patience.

There are a lot of benefits of having drywall construction in your home. Drywall is simple to mount; it is economical and has fire-resistant qualities. The main thing is this type of wall can be painted, wallpapered and textured too, as well as it is easy to repair. The maintenance of dry wall is trouble-free and Dry wall Repair can be done by you. You don't need to call in specialized people, it's that simple!

In short, “Drywall Repairing Guide” app is probably your best friend for drywall repairing tips and techniques.

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101 Ways To Tell Your Wife I Love You

This useful and amazing iPhone app presents various creative, powerful and romantic ways to tell your wife that you love her. This little application is probably a paradise for husbands/boyfriends, where you can learn unique and different ways to impress and love your wife/girlfriend much more by applying these tips and tactics.

All the tips and tricks provided in the application are practical, creative and non-expensive. With this app, you can learn various cool ways to say I Love Youto your partner, spouse, and mate, for a long lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Quickly connect with your lover on an intimate level that makes them weak at the knees. This is the application they have been praying you would discover!

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Amsterdam Travel Guide

Our aim is to offer tourists and travelers an opportunity to explore & research Amsterdam before you visit the Dutch capital. Amsterdam is fun for those interested in its legendary art and architecture buildings and red light district as well as for those who have a passion in the history and culture of Amsterdam and would like to visit some of the well known Amsterdam museums.

In “Amsterdam City Guide” you will find categories about Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Museums, Events, and more. This application comes handy if you are planning to go for Amsterdam as it has everything you need when you are in Amsterdam. It also has a category “Attractions” that tells you the best places to visit when you are in Amsterdam.

To discover what awaits you on an Amsterdam holiday, and to help plan your holiday in Amsterdam, make use of our city guide, which details the top attractions and events, as well as providing a comprehensive overview of the city.

Key Features:

•Seven well-researched categories

•Categories include: Hotels, Attractions, Museums, Restaurants, and more

•Exact location, image, and description for the desired destination

•Integrated ‘Google Map’ for locations

•Integrated ‘Google Weather’ for locations

•Share with friends/family via Facebook, Twitter or Mail

Don’t forget to rate the application; as your reviews are going to be highly appreciated and would encourage us to update and work further more on these applications.

Do visit our store for Travel Guides on; Mauritius, Thailand, Rome, Athens, Hawaii, Miami, Venice and more are yet to come.

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European Football Stadiums

Welcome to this new app about the football stadiums across Europe, “European Football Stadiums” (Lite Version).

In this version, we have included over 100 stadiums divided in 6 categories (countries). You can read the detail on the selected stadium, its capacity, location, and an introductory video on the stadium. You can also view the pictures of the stadiums in the gallery view.

In this version of this application, we have come up with only those stadiums which are more famous and serve as the home stadiums of the clubs which play in premier league divisions of the selected countries.

In next updated version, we are planning to delve in to the lower echelons of the leagues and also coming up with more lists of countries which will increase the existing database of this application.

Things you can do with this application:

1-6 Categories: Germany, England, Italy, France, Spain, and Rest of Europe
2-At least 20 stadiums selected from each country
3-Basic Info on the grounds/stadiums with picture gallery, location, video, and its capacity
4-All famous stadiums such as Allianz Arena, San Siro Guiseppe Meazza, Camp Nou, Parc des Princes, Old Trafford, Barossa Park, Wembley, Signal Iduna Park, and much more included in the application
5-Rest of Europe Category: Apart from 5 countries, this particular category of “Rest of Europe” will cover all the stadiums from countries like Portugal, Poland, Denmark, Ukraine, Russia, and more.
6-Flag-Maps integrated for each country listed in this application; you can view the stadiums in location/map toggle
7-Picture Slideshow
8-Video Gallery

All in all, this application will serve as a guide to famous and one of the most prominent stadiums across Europe.

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Study of Common Phobias

Where you get to learn about 11 most common phobias. In this application you will learn about the phobias, their causes, their symptoms, and also how to overcome them in best possible way.

Millions of individuals have struggled to conquer the phobia which they have suffered with the most part of their lives. Usually, people with any kind of fear were constantly exposed to the same fear repeatedly until they became immune to such circumstances. However, this is not the most useful way of dealing with the fear and is certainly not the simplest.

Best way is to learn about the phobia you are suffering with and understanding the triggers that start them. By understanding the triggers, you make yourself realize that cause of some particular fear has ignited in you and by consistently doing some useful techniques you can overcome that fear of yours.

Every phobia has different triggers and every phobia needs to be cured differently.

This application will just do that and help you understand in so many things revolving around some particular phobias.

Key Features:

- 11 Categories
- 11 different Phobias
- Detailed description and useful info about each phobia
- Symptoms, Causes, Cure of phobia
- Some of Phobia listed in this app include: Fear of Darkness, Fear of Heights, Fear of Fire, Fear of Cats, and so on.

Fonts Update:

- Almost all fonts from “fonts family” (which are applicable on iPhone platform) included
- You can adjust the size of the fonts
- You can select the color of fonts as well to contrast with the backgrounds for readability of the content

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225 Place to See before You Die

In this application you will find some of the most beautiful, exotic, lovely, and striking places, cities, countries, spots, and likewise to visit before you die. This application has many of the most famous places that you had been or want to visit along with some hidden gems that you really shouldn’t miss when you are planning your long vacation for entertainment, self-discovery, or to treasure nature just by being there.

Key Features:

1. 7 Categories: Asia, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, USA, South America, Canada, and Africa
2. You will read description about each and every place along with a picture and also an automatic feature of helpline mainly Police and Ambulance that you will be able to dial-up in case of any emergency.
3. Integrated sharing on Twitter and Facebook.
4. Four Square feature added so that you can let your friends know which places, listed in this application, you have been there.
5. A bonus features of 30 videos about 30 beautiful places that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.
Meticulously compiled, this application will be a delight for travelers who are always on the go and want to keep track of which places they shouldn’t miss by having this app with them.


1. Places from Asia: Taj Mahal, Bali, Great Wall of China, Himalayas, Hong Kong, and more
2. Places from Europe: Fjords, San Fermin Festival, Plitvice Lakes, Venice, Loch Ness, St. Basil Cathedral, Santorini, and more
3. Places from Australia & New Zealand: Great Barrier Reef, Auckland, Sydney Harbor, Christchurch, Uluru — Ayers Rock, and more
4. Places from South America: Iguazu Falls, Angel Falls, Santiago, Carnival de Rio, and More
5. Places from USA and Canada: Miami, New York, Alaska, Calgary, Niagara Falls, Lake Louis, Banff, Montreal, Las Vegas Strip, Grand Canyon, and more
6. Places from Africa: Pyramids of Giza, The Masai Mara, Kruger Park, Cradle of Humankind, Port Elizabeth, Nairobi, Table Mountain, Valley of Kings, and more

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Magazine Your photo



This stylish application is all about photos but the main difference is that you can pick any of your photos from your existing iPhone gallery or take a new photo and flair it up like the photos in magazines. We have 65+ magazine cover themes which will serve you as the background for your pictures.

You just have to select any picture from your iPhone gallery or you can take your own photo from iPhone and then the application will bring you to an interface where you will be able to select any of the magazine covers from the gallery and the picture will look like that it really appeared on that magazine cover.

You will have an option of selecting many titles that you will like to appear on the top of the cover such as; family, fashion, love, sexy, business, and many more. Also, you will be able to share your finished picture to Facebook so that your friends will think that you appeared on the cover of that magazine in real. Real deal!

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Smack A Gopher

‘Smack-A-Gopher’ is one of the most challenging, obsessive and amusing flash games you will ever witness. The game is exactly what the title says it is: ‘Smack-A-Gopher’. Cute, creepy and annoying little moles are going to randomly pop-up from the holes and you have to simply whack them with a smooth headed hammer by tapping your finger on the screen. This game consists of 4 different characters which are: Crazy Puppy, Fool Mouse, Fat Bunny, and Magic Gopher. 

Smack-A-Gopher is fast and though it is easy to start, it is also hard to master, which makes it a bit addictive. So go ahead, select a character of your choice and whack those cute little creatures upside the head.

1) Crisp Graphics
2) Background Music
3) Hit Sound
4) Range of Different Characters
5) Different Background Locations in Each Round

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