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Athens—the capital of Greece—has long been a city of historic importance. Greece's recent financial strife and resulting tourism-sector discounts have driven the price of a holiday in Greece to within affordable levels for millions of new European tourists. Athens is both the capital and the largest city in Greece. It is situated on Attica peninsula, in a relatively hilly area and is connected to Piraeus port.

In Athens you cannot get bored, but you should take some time for an afternoon nap. In the summer time, between two and four in the afternoon, the killing Athenian sun shines mercilessly. That's why the most appropriate time to travel to Greece is in the early autumn or late spring.

This travel guide application named “Athens City Guide” will be your friendly guide when it comes to all things Athens. Whether if you are planning for your vacation there and want to know what spots might attract you or you are in Greece right now but don’t know what to do then this app is for you. Ordered in categories; in this app you get the attractions or places to go and things to do with the locations and images be it restaurants, beaches, or hotels such as Acropolis, Agora, Plaka, Pnyx Hill, Lycabettus Hill, Cecil Hotel, Alassia Hotel, Divani Carvel, Asteria Seaside, Poseidon Temple,


o Five Categories
o Categories include: Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Ten Things to do in Athens, and couple of more
o Google Map and Google Weather Integrated
o Images for the places, hotels, restaurants
o Sharing options including Facebook and Twitter
o Includes all places that you just should not miss when in Athens ranging from museums, historic places, temples, eat-out places, and more

It is clear that if you are on holiday in Athens, you will want to see some attractions of the town. You will find many new beauties there - from beautiful squares, monuments to taverns. It is better for you to get a map and to mark your route and put some red circles around the places you want to see.

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