Flower Up iPhone Application

In this game, you have to catch yellow suns falling from the sky in the plant-pot which can be moved left and right with the finger-touch feature. You have to escape from red thrones. If you catch red thrones then the health of the pot will decrease and after certain amount of catching red suns, depending on levels, the game will be over.

When you keep caching yellow suns, the plant will be growing and depending on the levels, a flower will be complete after catching certain amount of yellow suns. There are six levels and for each lever there is a different flower to complete.

The yellow flowers and red thrones will change as you move on with the levels e.g. you will be catching blue rain drops in one round and escaping from blue flies and so on. The damaging objects, which may reduce health of your plant, will have a certain buzzer sound when you catch them. You need to escape form those objects.
This is one easy and simple yet a fun game which your children will surely love.

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