Cook in Time

This application presents you with 100 recipes which are symmetrically divided in 6 categories. What sets this recipe application apart from others is that, the application is made on the basis of time a particular recipe takes in cooking.

This recipe application has nifty design, user-friendly interface, six different categories to choose from, recipes that take from 10 minutes to over 40 minutes are included, and magnificent shopping-list feature which helps you in organizing the ingredients of different recipes at one place so that when you go for shopping, you just have to put out you iPhone and recommend the grocer what you need.

Every recipe has a picture in it so that you know what you are going to cook, step by step method so the cooking is done with ease, and “add to favorite” feature so you can try your favorite recipes again on some weekend festive or family get-together.


1. 6 Categories to choose from; Pork, Chicken, Vegetables, Pasta, Beef, and Seafood
2. Recipes divided in time frames of +10, +20, +30, +40 e.g. all recipes which take 15 minutes in cooking are listed in +10 box.
3. Shopping-list feature
4. Add to Favorite feature
5. Sharing feature: Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Text Message
6. Picture for every recipe

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I always love cooking game! :D

cell phones murfreesboro said...

Personally, I love cooking and this application offers organizing tool for recipes.

ISP Company said...

love cooking so muchhhh

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