Venice Travel Guide


This application offers the best short travel guide for Venice, Italy. Venice (also know as Venezia) is made up of over 100 islands, all linked together by Venice's unique canal network. As one of the most beautiful cities in the world Venice won't disappoint its visitors.

With this application explore Venice's famous canals, old bridges, stunning palazzos and great art. Here you will find categories on Hotels & Resorts, Monuments & Museums, Shops, Restaurants, and so on.

This application comes handy if you are planning to go for Venice as it has everything you need when you are in Venice. It also has a category which is “Events” that tells you the ten best festivals to visit when you are in Venice.

To discover what awaits you on a Venice holiday, and to help plan your holiday in Venice, make use of our city guide, which details the top attractions and events, as well as providing a comprehensive overview of the city.

Key Features:

•Seven well-researched categories
•Categories include: Hotels & Resorts, Monuments & Museums, Nightlife, and more
•Exact location, image, and description for the desired destination
•Integrated ‘Google Map’ for locations
•Integrated ‘Google Weather’ for locations
•Share with friends/family via Facebook,Twitter or Mail

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