Smack A Gopher

‘Smack-A-Gopher’ is one of the most challenging, obsessive and amusing flash games you will ever witness. The game is exactly what the title says it is: ‘Smack-A-Gopher’. Cute, creepy and annoying little moles are going to randomly pop-up from the holes and you have to simply whack them with a smooth headed hammer by tapping your finger on the screen. This game consists of 4 different characters which are: Crazy Puppy, Fool Mouse, Fat Bunny, and Magic Gopher. 

Smack-A-Gopher is fast and though it is easy to start, it is also hard to master, which makes it a bit addictive. So go ahead, select a character of your choice and whack those cute little creatures upside the head.

1) Crisp Graphics
2) Background Music
3) Hit Sound
4) Range of Different Characters
5) Different Background Locations in Each Round

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