Study of Common Phobias

Where you get to learn about 11 most common phobias. In this application you will learn about the phobias, their causes, their symptoms, and also how to overcome them in best possible way.

Millions of individuals have struggled to conquer the phobia which they have suffered with the most part of their lives. Usually, people with any kind of fear were constantly exposed to the same fear repeatedly until they became immune to such circumstances. However, this is not the most useful way of dealing with the fear and is certainly not the simplest.

Best way is to learn about the phobia you are suffering with and understanding the triggers that start them. By understanding the triggers, you make yourself realize that cause of some particular fear has ignited in you and by consistently doing some useful techniques you can overcome that fear of yours.

Every phobia has different triggers and every phobia needs to be cured differently.

This application will just do that and help you understand in so many things revolving around some particular phobias.

Key Features:

- 11 Categories
- 11 different Phobias
- Detailed description and useful info about each phobia
- Symptoms, Causes, Cure of phobia
- Some of Phobia listed in this app include: Fear of Darkness, Fear of Heights, Fear of Fire, Fear of Cats, and so on.

Fonts Update:

- Almost all fonts from “fonts family” (which are applicable on iPhone platform) included
- You can adjust the size of the fonts
- You can select the color of fonts as well to contrast with the backgrounds for readability of the content

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