Cake Recipes For Kids

Application Title: Cake Recipes For Kids

Welcome to Cake Recipes for Kids! This iPhone application has a database of nearly 50 cake recipes which are especially selected for kids. The application is divided into five different categories which are; Animal-Shaped Cakes, Sporty Cakes, Birthday Party Cakes, Cartoon-Shaped Cupcakes and children’s all time favorite Chocolate Cakes.
Need ideas for kids’ party? ‘Cake Recipes for Kids’ includes stunning birthday cakes in different shapes and sizes by which kids are going to be surely impressed. This application will serve you with some creative and smashing ideas for designing your cakes for your child’s birthday party. Surprise your kid by making his favorite cartoon, animal-shaped and sporty cakes, on a delightful occasion or a party.

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Developer By: Joviant Technologies


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