Low Carb

Application Title: Low Carb

As the name suggests itself that this application that we have made deals with low-Carb food and recipes. It has abundant amount of recipes including its nutrition and methods to make them.

Low-Carb recipes aren't just for people with a chronic illness or those who are overweight. In fact, controlling your intake of carbohydrates like sugar can be a very healthy change in anyone's diet. Many Low-Carb recipes are also low in fat and calories. We definitely have the carb-controlled recipes you were looking for.

The categories in this application include Salads, Meat, Veggies, Soups, Desserts, and Sea-food to name but few. This application helps more than enough who wants to keep check up on the food they are having. Plus, you will also find images for each recipe with its nutrition-list as well. Try it out!

NOTE: This application is available for both iPhone and iPad. Enjoy!

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