Diabetes Food Guide


 This application is all about Diabetes. It’s a friend for the people who have diabetic problems. This application tells you what diabetes is, its nature (type), and also the symptoms of diabetes.
Some people would be in pre-diabetic state. They would not be diagnosed with diabetes yet but neither would they have knowledge of being in pre-diabetic state. Reading about it helps you understand its nature and helps you pre-plan if you are on the edge.

There are two types of Diabetes i.e. Diabetes type1 and Diabetes type2. Both have almost the same symptoms but are dealt with slightly differently. Therefore we have two separate sections of food in this application for diabetes type1 and type2.

This application has no menus or recipes. But food groups are discussed generally like what diabetic people are supposed to eat and what they have to avoid from. Then we have some eating tips for them along with healthy tips.

Finally, this application has travel tips and also some tips on exercises that diabetic people can do. It’s a fact that a doctor is the best option when it comes to any disease but yet, we have shared some contribution in awareness of diabetes disease.

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