Job Interview Guide


This little application gives you a guide on job interviews. It has five categories and in each category we have given guidelines about the interviews. Interview is a fun thing to go with and every one of us experiences it many times in life when we are up for a job.

It’s about how you sell yourself, how well you present yourself, how you cope with tricky questions and how you handle the pressure of some grueling interview. In this app, you will get much help when you read the most prominent questions asked in an interview and some best sample answers so that you get the idea on how to deal with in those specific situations.

You will also read guidelines on how to present your body language, your appearance, and your overall presentation. To be exact; there are five categories which are as follow: Preparing for an Interview, Common Question/Answers, Tricky Question/Answers, Things to Avoid in an Interview, and Gestures & Body Language. Go through this app and prepare yourself for a job interview and we wish you all the best!

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