Truth or Dare For Girls


Always start your Truth or Dare games with these words:

“For the sake of the game, whatever happens during this game stays in this game. The reason this rule exists is not so we can tell you to do bizarre sexual acts, but because we're all adults and when it gets to the truth, the game is most fun if people respond truthfully. Think about how fun this game was when we were teenagers and just imagine how much more fun it's going to be as adults...who can keep secrets”.

This “Truth or Dare” game is suitable for the Girls/Women only. We have enlisted Truths Questions and Dares for the application which will come up randomly. First you will be required to put in the names of the players who are playing it—at least four and maximum ten players—then the wheel will spin and will give out two names. The name that came first will have advantage of selecting either a dare or truth and she will do whatever comes in that, the other girl will do the truth or dare which ever left.

The “Truth or Dare” questions and dares enlisted in this application are mature-themed (adults) and can be suitably played best in college/university life or with friends at home on weekend.

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