Diabetes Diet And Food Tips


The name of this application suggests that this application deals with diet and tips on diabetes. The general stats on diabetes show that nearly 250 million people in the world are diagnosed with diabetes.

This application tells about the diet that diabetic people should keep. Along with diet explained with Food Pyramid, there are instructions on food for diabetes type1 and diabetes type2. We have included symptoms of diabetes and have kept the difference in type1 and typ2 diabetes, too.

Some general tips are included on what food is to be avoided by diabetic patients. We have also included the facts on what happens if you take or refrain from particular food group. Eating tips are included with some friendly healthy tips for diabetic patients.

We have also included what precautions are to be taken on traveling if you are diagnosed with diabetes and also some light exercises for you that can help you reduce the fat-level.

P.S.: This application has no recipes but food groups are generally discussed with tips in priority.

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