Sad Poems


We bring you some classic collection of sad poems in this application. You get 50 chosen poems of some legendary poets of foregone times who were greats of their era. The list of poets include: Lord Byron, William Butler Yeats, William Shakespeare, Lord Tennyson, Oscar Wilde, William Blake, Robert Frost, Shelley, and many more.

Sadness is the closest emotion to human nature and when the sad times befall then these poems play a soothing role as one reads on; same as when you listen to sad songs when you are sad. Carving out the poems from the best poets’ collection and making the best list for that was little difficult but we have come out with some decent collection at the end of the day.

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Sad poems

Picnics poetry offers best Sad poems such as heartbreak poems and depression poems that describe sad dark feeling for pain and express ones sad feeling in a poetic manner.

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