FruitLinks - iPhone,iPad,iPod Game Application


A puzzle based pattern matching game that is targeted for the 3 to 5 year niche of younger users.

The game comes with cheerfully colored fruits that randomly swap position with increasing speed as the player proceeds through the 10 available levels, and this is actually quite good in terms of improving a childs dexterity and logic.

  1. Illustration based artwork 
  2. 10 levels of increasing difficulty 
  3. Level Timer that decreases with each level 
  4. Shape swap frequency increases with each level

  1. Link pairs of fruits by tapping a pair in order to slice them off the board 
  2. You need to clear each board of all fruits before being able to proceed to the next level 
  3. The fruits move around as well, so make sure to increase your response speed as you go through each level
  4.  Go ahead and start linking now!
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