Great News to share , with Friends !!!!!!!! We have successfully INVENTED a new multiplayer game called POKERABBLE, a combination of the two best games ever invented by mankind ,POKER -the best card game ever made and “ you know what “ - the best word game ever made .

Is it only a card game ?? NO
Is it only a board game ?? NO
This game is a special delight for poker fans because it features a great combination of strategy and luck! The gameplay is simple if you know how the play your favorite word game and poker.

We all know how to make 5 card sets in poker but here we bring you something extra -the 2 card and 3 card sets .This game is so easy to learn that in minutes you will master it ,will you ???

Well we are not so sure about that but can surely say that it will be the MOST ADDICTIVE GAME YOU HAVE EVER PLAYED !!!


 vs facebook friends
vs random opponent
vs your room mate
vs contact list
vs MS POKERABBLE (your online computer competitor)


- Simple yet innovative gameplay where you can to make any three types of poker sets
- 2 card sets,3 card sets and normal 5 cards sets
 - Use special suit bonus tiles and the 2x or 3x tiles space on the board to gain extra points
- Step by step help to learn the game in seconds
- Share your results on facebook and twitter
- Get push notifications when you opponents have played their turn
- Stay in Touch with your opponent with the in game chat function

Come On !!! Lets together make POKERABBLE the GAME OF THE CENTURY !

Use of this application requires an internet connection and a Facebook or a Pokerabble account .Collection and use of pesonal data are subject to Pokerabbles privacy policy which can be found in the application as well as at www.clkproductions.com/pokerabble/288 .Social Networking Service terms may also apply.

This iPhone Game Is Developed By Socialcubix

Download Application


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Ryan Lawrence said...

I was not aware of poker before but after playing it on iOS, it becomes my favorite game so far, the feature of playing this game leads me to challenge my friends and play in groups.

Roben Hud said...

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david said...

It seems very interesting game.

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